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Asmodee Posts New 4 Gods Preview

In the beginning, the gods created the Earth. Well, in the real beginning, the got their 4 Gods game out, opened it up, mixed up the tiles, set out the playing space, and got ready. Then they created the Earth. 4 Gods will soon let you build your own world. But, just as there's rules that govern the physical world we live in, there's rules for how you can build your world in the game as well. That's what we get a look at in this preview.


There are two recommended ways to play 4 Gods: simultaneously or with 30-second turns. Either way, you'll have to be quick if you want to create your world. However, you can't just throw out whatever terrain you want, wherever you want it. A natural order must be maintained. Forest must match with forest, river with river, field with field, and mountain with mountain. The tiles used to make the world are double-sided, with up to three of those terrain types on them. When no terrain piece seems to fit, that's where Legendary Cities can come in. There's only 8 in the game, and they can be destroyed, so you'll have to be very careful about their placement, as well as when they go down onto the table. There's also placing your prophets out on the table. They'll define the areas of your kingdom. Since scoring depends on controlling Legendary Cities, how big your biggest kingdom is, as well as your total number of kingdoms, there's plenty of ways to potentially score points.