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Asmodee Post Via Nebula Preview, Announces Creator Will Be At Gen Con

Nebula Valley has been going through some rather tough times. For many years, it was overcome by darkness and evil. The town within the valley suffered greatly. But things are looking up. Evil has been vanquished. The hero rode off into the sunset. But that doesn't mean everything's been magically put back together. No, that's going to take some more hard work from all the villagers. And that's just what you've gotta do in Via Nebula. Asmodee's posted up a new preview of the game as well as an announcement about picking up the game at Gen Con.

Martin Wallace

That right there is Mr. Martin Wallace. He is the creator of the game. If you'll be at Gen Con, you can stop by the Asmodee booth to not only pick up your copy of Via Nebula (though, if you pre-ordered the game online, you should be getting your copy, with exclusive figure, in the next couple days), but you can also get it signed, as well as talk with Mr. Wallace about the game.