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Asmodee Launches Holiday Sale

So, it's come to this...
We all knew they'd show up eventually. Well, they're here. Asmodee looks to be leading the group, having launched their Holiday sale. And, being Asmodee, it's not just them, but all their subsidiaries like Z-Man, Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, and others. And, you know, I'm a big fan of getting holiday shopping done ahead of time, especially ordering online. You order. It shows up. You're done. Simple.

From the Asmodee post:

Happy Holidays to one and all! During this season, we would like to offer our consumers some fantastic deals on classic favorites during the Asmodee Holiday Sale!

You can celebrate the holidays right by picking out a new favorite from among the hundreds of products featured on this year’s Holiday Sale. Whether you’re looking for a present for a family member, a friend, or just treating yourself, the 2017 Asmodee Holiday Sale is the perfect place to complete your shopping list with a single order. The sale will begin on November 8th and last until November 20th. Many of the more popular items will sell out quickly, so be sure to head to our webstore and pick out your favorite games as soon as possible!

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