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Asmodee Announces Via Nebula Board Game

Well, thankfully that mess is over. That was quite a horrid time, amirite? But that's done with and we can finally get busy making Nebula Valley back into the shining, lively, bustling place it used to be. First, we gotta get some resources to rebuild our buildings. Of course, that means we've gotta head out into the meadows where unknown things still might lurk. Uh... you go first.
That's the story behind Via Nebula, a new game from Asmodee and Space Cowboys.

In the game, players take on contracts in order to rebuild the Nebula Valley. Contracts will be posted and it's up to you to go and get the resources needed for each, clear paths through the meadow in order to transport said resources back to town, and then you can finally get to building. Finish a building and you'll get new abilities and riches, given to you by the thankful citizens. However, each contract can only be done by one player (the town doesn't need multiple City Halls, for example). And the contracts are available to every player. So you've gotta be quick if you want to be the first to finish them up.

After a player completes 5 buildings, that signals the final round of the game. Finish up whatever buildings you can and total up victory points. The one with the most becomes the Hero of Nebula Valley.

Expect to see the game on store shelves sometime in the 2nd quarter of this year.