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Asmodee Announces Unlock! Game Series

The clock is ticking. Time is running out. You've got to escape. You're not entirely sure what happens when the timer hits 0, but you'd rather not find out. Thankfully, there's plenty of clues and hints to help you figure out what the escape combination is. Now... you've just gotta figure out what all those esoteric items and clues mean. Get it right and get out. Get it wrong and time will only keep marching on. That's the story behind Unlock!, a set of cooperative card games coming from Asmodee and Space Cowboy.

Each deck contains 60 cards that you'll use to figure out the combination you're looking for. Up to 6 players will work together, having just an hour to figure out the correct sequence. A companion app with each one will keep track of the time remaining, as well as occasionally offering hints and new clues, plus it will let you know if you've entered the right code. There's currently 3 decks on the docket. You can expect them to be hitting store shelves in the 2nd quarter of next year.