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Asmodee Announces Three New Unlock! Adventures

You find yourself in a dark and spooky house. Lightning strikes outside, briefly illuminating your surroundings. You start to hear strange noises from somewhere in the house. You run. You trip. You hit your head. And that's when you wake up inside a submarine, deep underwater. The hull is creaking. Water is seeping in. You need to find a way out! You go from one room to the next, but bang your head on a portal as you go through. You wake up on a beach. It seems nice and pleasant, until a cutlass is pointed at your face and you realize you're surrounded by pirates! Those three adventures are the next in the Unlock! series of "escape room"-style games coming from Asmodee and Space Cowboys.

From the announcement:

A haunted house. An undersea submarine. Pirate treasure buried on Tonipal Island. Three new adventures and three new chances to escape from certain danger—three new Unlock! adventures are coming soon from Space Cowboys:

The House on the Hill
The Nautilus’ Traps
The Tonipal’s Treasure

Like the three previously released Unlock! adventures, each of these new adventures captures the pulse-pounding excitement and devilish puzzles of an escape room and brings it to your tabletop in a single deck of cards. While the Unlock! companion app ticks away the seconds and offers hints when you need them, you and a group of your friends must use your logic and deductive skills to find the solutions to a series of interconnected puzzles and escape the room. With the perfect mixture of intuitive mechanics, cunning puzzles, and only an hour to escape, each Unlock! adventure is a self-contained experience in a single box.