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Asmodee Announces Sonar Board Game

Many of my friends have kids. Some are yet still too young to really get into mommy and daddy's gaming collections, but others have kids that are definitely getting into the swing of things tabletop-gaming-wise. So it's cool to see games come out that are good for the family. Some of you might've played Captain Sonar. Well, Asmodee has announced they're coming out with a family version they're calling just Sonar.

From the announcement:

In the depths of the ocean, a submarine's sonar activates: the enemy is near! All hands rush to battle stations—the radio operator tracks the signal intently while the captain charts an intercept course. Deep beneath the waves, a tense battle of submarine warfare is joined…

Asmodee is proud to announce SONAR, a family version of the award-winning Captain Sonar board game. Launching exclusively at Target, SONAR puts all the excitement of the original into streamlined gameplay for two to four players.

In every game of SONAR, players split into two teams that command opposing submarines. Players navigate their vessels in an underwater game of cat-and-mouse, trying to locate their opponent while avoiding being spotted themselves. Each has the same goal: destroy the enemy!