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Asmodee Announces Oh Captain! Board Game

Don't you just hate it when you get shipwrecked and stranded on some island? I know I hate it. But that's just what's happened. Thankfully, you've been saved by the sea creature, the Nukha. And better yet, the Nukha's cave is filled with treasure! But everyone wants that treasure for themselves. Will you be able to grab the biggest haul? That's the story behind Oh Captain!, a new board game coming from Asmodee.

From the announcement:
There was barely time to get your bearings before your Captain began barking orders. You vaguely remember being tossed off your ship in the middle of a storm and mysteriously rescued by a giant sea creature that brought you here, to its den on an exotic island. Now, you and the rest of the crew are combing through the dark, looking for hidden treasure to bring back to the Captain.

This treasure is very valuable to the Nomads who roam this land, and the Captain plans to sell the loot found for a considerable profit. Your crew mates know this too, and the mutinous look in their eyes tells you they haven’t been completely honest with their offerings to your fearless leader. It’s only a matter of time before everyone starts turning on each other—who can you trust?

You can expect the game to hit store shelves sometime Q2 this year.