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Asmodee Announces New Printing and Expansion For Aye, Dark Overlord

It was the perfect plan. You'd worked on it for months, years, decades even! All the pieces were in the right place. All you had to do was push that last button, make that last move, finish that last incantation, and the world would've been yours. Yours! But when you're an evil wizard/emperor/overlord, things never seem to work out right. Well, now your minions must explain themselves about why things went kerplooie when they did. That's the story behind Aye, Dark Overlord. Asmodee is coming out with a new printing of it as well as a new expansion.

The reprint, now called Aye, Dark Overlord: The Red Box, recreates the original game. Meanwhile, Aye, Dark Overlord: The Green Box expands on it. In the game, players must use the Hint and Action cards from their hands in order to either craft a story as to why they're not the ones to blame for the mishap that caused the plan to fail, or to pass the buck to other players directly, forcing them to pick up on the story where you left off. Meanwhile, the Overlord player is handing out Withering Look cards to the minions that disappoint them. Accrue three of these cards and you're out.