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Asmodee Announces New Expansion for Kharnage

Your army is determined to take that hill. Why do you want it? Because, apparently, your opponents want it. And you'll be damned if you let even the most insignificant hill fall into enemy hands. But the fight isn't going well, and you need to change up your strategy. Maybe grab some mercenaries or employ some dirty tricks. That's just what you'll be doing with Tricks and Mercenaries, a new expansion coming for Kharnage from Asmodee.

From the announcement:

You’ve battled for an insignificant, worthless piece of ground for ages—a place with all the tactical significance of a banana—but you’re no closer to giving up than your opponents! After all, if you give up now, there’d be no opportunity to cause more carnage, and that would be simply unacceptable. Besides, it looks like some reinforcements are joining the enemy… and is that a diplomat they’re sending forward?

It’s time to employ some unorthodox tactics and hire new units to fight by your side: the Tricks and Mercenaries army expansion for Kharnage is coming soon! Within this army expansion, you’ll find a host of the titular Tricks and Mercenaries, all offering clever new ways to gain the upper hand for whoever gets to them first. And alongside the tricks and mercenaries, you’ll find new units to add to your Core Set armies, including Dwarves, Humans, Goblins, and Orcs.

Expect the expansion to hit shelves sometime in the 3rd quarter of the year.