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Asmodee Announces New Edition of Ra Board Game

The sun. It's the closest star to Earth. Without it, obviously nothing would be here (including Earth). It's what gives us our warmth and light and so many ancient cultures considered it a god. Certainly Ancient Egypt treated it as such, calling it Ra. Ancient Egypt had one of the greatest empires and civilizations that've been around. And now you can be part of what made it so great in the newest edition of Ra, just announced by Asmodee.

In Ra, players bid for various elements of ancient Egyptian culture in order to make their portion of Egypt to be the greatest of the group. Will you focus on getting great pharoahs? Will you try to build the most soaring edifices? Will you simply horde gold? Or will you take a little bit of everything. The choice is yours, but you must bid carefully or you'll find yourself without enough Sun Tiles to effectively rule your kingdom.

Expect to see this latest version of the game on store shelves in the 3rd quarter of this year.

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