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Asmodee Announces New Edition of Citadels

The Year of New Editions rolls on further as Asmodee and Windrider Games have announced that they're coming out with a new edition of Citadels. First published in 2000 (man, does that seem long ago...), Citadels puts you in charge of creating the most grand city in all the land. It's up to you how you go about things. Will you keep order with an iron fist, building lots of barracks for troops and plenty of prisons? Will you go for grandeur with lofting edifices? Or will you let people take care of themselves, enlisting thieves to keep things in check?


So, one of the first things people ask when they see a new edition of the game is, "So, what's changed?" In this case, the game has had its rules updated by Bruno Faidutti, original designer for the game, along with the Windrider team. There's also entirely new artwork for the cards. But it's not just a facelift and a rules edit, there's new things as well, such as new districts to add to your town as well as characters to inhabit them.

Those that would like to try out the game can do so at Gen Con, with demos being given by Bruno Faidutti, himself.