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Asmodee Announces Legendary Inventors Board Game

Since humans first realized that rolling logs can help move things and you can attach a sharp rock to a stick to make it more easy to hunt, there have been great inventors making our lives simpler and more enjoyable. Now Asmodee puts you in charge of a group of these great inventors, all of you looking to be the one that creates the next latest and greatest marvel of science and technology, in Legendary Inventors.

Players must gather resources and knowledge for their inventors as they work to create new items. As new technology is created, it will open up even further inventions for study, which will create more avenues for invention, and so forth. With each invention comes victory points. The player with the most victory points at the end of the third Age (in which the game is divided), will go down in history as the most legendary inventors of all time.

The game will be available the fourth quarter of this year, but those that will be attending Gen Con will be able to try out the game there.