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Asmodee announces launch date for Dungeon Twister card game

Asmodee lets us know when we can get our hands on their upcoming Dungeon Twister card game and a preview of the rules in this update.

From the announcement:

Dungeon Twister the card game was just completed manufacturing at Ludofact Germany and is ready to ship to Asmodee's various warehouses.
The official release date in Europe is August 26th. Probably around the same date for the USA, although there will be a pre-release of around 200 games available at GenCoN Indianapolis this summer around August 15th. I will be ther myself t present the game and promote it as well as Archipelago?

Attached you can find some more images for your curiosity...

Should I say more about the game ??? I think what players like most of all is reading the rulebook, so they can get an idea whether or not this game is made for them ;)
Well, no need to say or ask for more, even though I couldn't attach the PDF file to this email, it was too heavy for most mailbox, you can download the english rulebook and the back of the box with this link, available until august 3.

Rulebook link

The official public price in Europe is 25 euros. The official public price in the US will soon be given by Asmodée US, but should be close to that, more or less...