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Asmodee Announces HMS Dolores

For as long as there have been cargo ships, there have been those that will try and get that ship's cargo for themselves, rather than let the ship make it to port and offload its goods normally. Well, the HMS Dolores has run aground, and now the raiders are looking to pick up whatever loot they can from the wreckage. But everyone wants to get the goods for themselves. Even if working with someone else works out in the short-term, only one raider will get away with the best stuff. That's the story behind HMS Dolores, a new card game coming from Asmodee.


HMS Dolores is sort of like Rock, Paper, Scissors, but with cards added in (no word yet on if a future expansion will add in Lizard and Spock). A set of four cards is set out between two players. Then, negotiations are made between those players, trying to sway one-another to their side of seeing things. Then, players simultaneously make one of three hand gestures. One gesture is Peace. One gesture is Fight. The last gesture is First Pick. Depending on the combination of gestures thrown (whether it's two Peace, or a Peace and a Fight, or a First Pick and a Peace, and so forth), the various cards are divvied up (or possibly all discarded, if people get too greedy). So there's some bluffing involved. There's some diplomacy involved. There's some strategic thinking and match-making involved. Lots of stuff going on.

You'll be able to try out HMS Dolores at Gen Con, with the game becoming available in retail in the 3rd quarter of this year.