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Asmodee Announces Estrella Drive Scenario For T.I.M.E. Stories

In T.I.M.E. Stories, players are sent to ancient lands and exotic locations. This time, they're going to that far-off time of... uh... 1982. ... That's how you know you're old, kids, when a game is like, "we're going to send you way back in time, to this time where the person that's writing this article was alive." Thanks, everyone. Anyway, agents are being sent to check out 1982 California. And, as one would expect, it's not for the younger audience. That's what's going on in Estrella Drive.

From the announcement:

Come in, agents. We’re glad you were able to attend. We’re still running the necessary diagnostics and analyzing the nature of the temporal anomaly, but we believe we now have enough information to give a preliminary briefing of what we project to be your next mission. We’ve codenamed it Estrella Drive.

By now, you’ve doubtless gone on enough missions that you have some idea of what you’re getting into. You’re familiar with transfer procedures, the receptacles that you inhabit, and the caissons that you’ll use to travel to a new era within the Time Line. And with this mission in particular, you won’t be going quite as far into the past as you have in other missions—it’s not dynastic Egypt or the Middle Ages for you this time. Instead, you’ll be traveling to a place with a… unique position in history: Hollywood, California, in the year 1982.