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Asmodee Announces Deus Egypt

In school, pretty much all of us learn something about Ancient Egypt. They were one of the greatest civilizations on Earth. Many of their monuments and structures are still around today (and when you consider things like we're closer to the birth of Cleopatra than her birth was to the construction of the Great Pyramids, that's quite a thing). Now, you'll be able to bring the grandeur and wonder to your games of Deus, as it's getting its first expansion soon.

There's quite a lot going on in this expansion. There's six totally new decks of buildings that you can build. They include new card effects and new temples to create entirely new gameplay strategies. Just like in ancient times, everything revolves around the Nile and its regular floods. If the gods are happy, the river will overflow its banks and bring fertile soil to the farmer's fields. Dealing with the flooding is going to be your key to victory.