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Asmodee Announces Captain Sonar Board Game

Recently, Lost in Adaptation did a video on The Hunt for Red October. I realized, watching it, that I'd never actually seen The Hunt for Red October... or read the book. And yet, I still think there's something intrinsically cool about submarines. Well, now Asmodee is bringing that deep-sea action to your tabletop with Sonar Captain, a board game all about stealth in the arctic waters.

Note: The game isn't actually a board game version of The Hunt For Red October. At least, not directly. In the game, players take on the role of officers aboard a submarine. Teams are competing against one-another, as each of you are part of rival corporations who have undersea mining operations. You may be looking to defend your mining areas, or be a high-tech, deep-sea claim jumper. Will you be able to find the enemy sub without getting yourself found? There's no room for mistakes when you're a mile below the surface in icy waters.

Expect to see Captain Sonar on store shelves in the 3rd quarter of this year.