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Asmodee Announces Braintopia

I love a good brain-teaser. I enjoy puzzles and mazes and such like that. One of my favorite games, for example, is Set. Well, Asmodee has announced a new game that looks to be right up my alley. It's called Braintopia and it will challenge you to complete puzzles as quickly as possible. Sounds like fun.

In Braintopia, four puzzle cards are laid out in front of the players. When you come up with the answer, you slap your hand down on the card. You then verify that you got the right answer. If you did, then you take the card and put it in front of you. If you didn't, you set the card out of the game and have to sit out while the players look at the other cards down on the table. The object is to get pairs of cards that match. When you get a match set, you score a Brain point. Get to four Brain points first and you're the winner.

Expect Braintopia to hit store shelves early next year.