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Asmodee Announces Barony Sorcery

Until now, Barony had been grounded in the real world. When you looked to expand your territory, you didn't do it with wizards shooting fireballs at your opponents. When you were dealing with the court, you didn't have magic potions to help you climb the nobility ladder. When you were cultivating resources, you didn't have magic spells to enhance productivity. The Sorcery expansion for the game, though, will be changing all that.


This new set still see four Barons looking to become King by building cities, capturing important territory, and acquiring resources. However, there's new, magical avenues to take when doing so. You must learn to use these new resources well in order to capture the new spaces on the board, as well as defend against them when your opponents use them against you. With new territory also comes new opposition in the form of a 5th Baron joining the fight.

Expect to see Barony Sorcery on store shelves this November.