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Asmodee Announces a New Expansion for Colt Express

Hey there, pardner, some of the posse has been nabbed by that danged sheriff and he's got 'em locked away aboard the Union Pacific Express. Tales also tell that the rest of the train is full of wealthy passengers carrying lots of money and jewelry. But we've gotta be careful. Marshal Samuel Ford, himself, is also on the train. If we're gonna make it out without ending up in the pokey, we've gotta steer clear of him.
That's what's going on in the new expansion for Colt Express, called Marshal and Prisoners, that Asmodee has just announced.


This new set will add several new elements to the game. The first is that there's going to be a new car added to the train. it's the Prison Car, where several outlaws are being kept. If you can help them escape, there's lots of rewards for it. The other, bigger change is that now the Marshal can be controlled by one of the players. That means instead of the automatic movements they made before, the Marshal player can now act on their own, looking to stop the robbers from making off with all the loot.

You can expect this new set to be available during the fourth quarter of this year.