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Asmodee Announces 4 Gods Board Game

If someone asks if you're a god, you say, "Yes!"
Well, in 4 Gods, you don't have to lie about it. You actually will become gods (actual divinity is not imparted by playing this game) and together, you will create a whole new world, filled with wonders of nature as well as various peoples that will populate it. But gods can be rather petty, each wanting to have the love of the world's inhabitants. And so you will each be trying to become the one that the world worships and adores. That's the story behind 4 Gods, a new game announced by Asmodee.


The game is a simultaneous tile-laying game. Players take tiles from the pile and place them out into the world. However, not every tile can be placed in every location. You must build the world in a way that makes sense. If no tile can be placed in a location, you can put a Divine City. However, those cities aren't permanent and if a new tile comes up that can go in that spot, the city is destroyed. While trying to place tiles, you're also placing your prophets out onto the board. Specific gods control specific locations, but prophets can be placed anywhere and add to your final score at the end of the game.

4 Gods will be available in the 4th quarter of this year. Those of you headed to Gen Con can give it a shot while at the show.