Askari Minaitures Releases New Sailors

Askari Miniatures now has their October releases available on their website. All aboard for these new sailor minis.

From the update:

We have a great new selection of sailors for both shipboard duty and as landing parties or naval brigades.

19th Century sailors were dressed pretty uniformly so you can use these for just about any navy you choose. These were designed primarily to complement our Russian and German figures, but the Austrians, for example, dressed exactly as the Germans.

Whether it is a landing in Africa, barges on the Amu Darya, or operations in China and the Far East, the use of these figures is limited only by your imagination.

I’m also developing versions with the distinctive French headgear for that country as well as sets of naval gun crews.

Askari Miniatures intends to have the most robust line of sailors in 28mm available anywhere.