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Ashes and Mice & Mystics Cosplay Contest

Cosplaying. While some take an unpleasant view of it, I do not. I see it as no less a part of our hobby than taking a lot of time and effort to paint up an entire army of miniatures. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and often is very costly. And honestly, who doesn't like seeing a real-life version of one of your favorite characters walking around? Just take a look at the photos coming out of San Diego right now and you'll see some great cosplay outfits. Well, the fellows at Plaid Hat Games want to reward those that want to cosplay as characters from their games.

They are holding their first ever Mice & Mystics and Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn Cosplay Contest. The event will take place the week of Gen Con. You don't even have to go to the show in order to participate. Simply create a costume based on a character from one of those games and post it to the official contest page (which will open up the week of the show). The final day to post photos will be Monday, August 3rd. After that, the internet will vote on which costume they thought was best. More details about prizes are coming, but there will be multiple prizes worth up to $100.

Also, if you are able to make it to Gen Con, wear your costume to the Plaid Hat booth and get $10 off your purchases.