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Asharah SF sculpt preview

Asharah Sci-fi sculptRaging Heroes have posted photos of the 3D sculpt of the Asharah Sci-fi sculpts. From their website: As promised, here are the first images and a video of the science-fiction version of Asharah. She's ready to go to the 3D printer, but we can make last minute changes until Monday so don't hesitate to share your thoughts here in the comments. Also, we are still debating adding a Mage Staff and a Book since adding them to the mix may completely change the layout of the elements in the mould and thus make it necessary to create additional moulds for the accessories, thus significantly impacting the price of the model. As it is now, she has 2 swords, 2 guns, 3 heads. Tell us what you think, both about Asharah and about her accessories.