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Asharah Anniversary Edition in stock

Raging Heroes have received stock of the Asharah Anniversary Edition miniature. Asharah Anniversary Edition miniature From their website:
It's now been one year since we sent our first miniature Heroine Asharah to the 3D printer. You gave her a tremendous welcome, and her Limited Edition was sold out long ago. And yet, we keep receiving requests for her re-release. As it was Asharah's first birthday this past December, it seemed like the perfect time to bring out a new version of her. Even more so, it was also time to at last step into the realm of science-fiction and offer you something for your futuristic games. And so, it's not one, but two Asharahs that we are about to release. Asharah Anniversary Edition is already in stock. Click here to buy. Sci-Fi Asharah is about done sculpting and will be available in late February. We'll post some renderings of her in a few days.