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Ascendant Destiny Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

When playing in an RPG, we tend to have a very specific idea of what we want our characters to be. We have a rather clear picture of what they look like, how they act, what their personality is like, what they're good at. Sometimes, it's hard for a game to actually make that character live and breathe in the system of the rules. Ascendant Destiny looks to be as flexible as possible with character creation rules, so the character you make is exactly the one you want. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Ascendant Destiny is an exciting highly flexible tabletop role playing game (RPG) system that focuses on players being able to build and develop any high fantasy character they want. Whether that character is an honourable holy warrior, a spell-flinging sorcerer or a fast-talking goblin trader, Ascendant Destiny has the tools to create and grow this character the way you want.

Originally inspired as an amalgamation of any fantasy d20 system and most d10 systems, Ascendant Destiny has a high fantasy feel with fantasy races such as elves, dwarves and goblins, medieval combat and powerful magic. Despite this though Ascendant Destiny comes with no fixed setting and is designed to be used as a system for any fantasy RPG setting that you can dream of.

Similar to most d20 systems Ascendant Destiny has 6 primary attributes and uses polyhedral dice to determine the outcome of skill checks and combat rolls. Unlike d20 systems, Ascendant Destiny is skill-based rather than class-based, where characters can choose from 8 trained skills and 8 natural skills called abilities. Essentially players can play whatever they want by buying skills, feats, attributes and spells using experience similar to that in a point buy system!

Aside from Attributes, Trained Skills and Abilities characters can also spend their experience on the following:

Feats - A feat is a special ability that a character has that either gives them a new capability or improves an ability that they already have.
Education/Professions - These custom skills can be used to capture those very specific skills that you want your character to have that are not covered specifically by another skill. They can alternatively represent a specialization in an existing skill.
Magic and Spells - The ability to cast spells from one or more of the four different types of spell magic, each with many schools/domains to choose from.
Divinity - As a character's power increases they start to figure out the secrets of the world, their own importance, and the effect that has on the people around them. The divinity stat allows character to start transcending the mortal limits and develop remarkable powers such as super strength and eternal life.

Despite the high level of customizability, Ascendant Destiny focuses on fairly simple rules and fast play. Character sheets are just one page (two if you have the notes page) and characters can easily be made in around an hour even if you have no role playing experience.

The campaign is about 25% funded with still 24 days to go.