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Aryiki website gets redesigned

The website for the Aryiki: Amazon Fantasy game (NSFW) has been redesigned. From their announcement:
Aryiki: Amazon Fantasy Miniature Wargame, has had a complete website redesign. Focusing on the races presented in our three army books the website provides a summary background and tactics data for the six main races in the Aryiki world: The Exiled Dannan Hoplites and their enemies the Sidhe and Tir Tautha, the banished Unseelie Fae, and lastly the Helenas City States (who exiled the Dannan) who are at war with each other and under a new threat from the migrating Klytika and their antler Kataphakt! Aryiki seeks to recreate the swirling melees when battle lines class, messing up all those neat lines, and where the Glamour of a single Heroine can break the hearts of awe-filled maidens. Rules (said to be a combination of DBx and Warhammer Fantasy - I can't comment as I've never played Warhammer Fantasy) and the army lists: (1) Aryidannan Tautha and Tentac, (2) Beneath The Shadow and (3) The Helenas War are all available as print or PDF download purchases from Lulu.