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Artizan release new range of French Foreign Legion figures

Artizan Designs have a new range of 28mm French Foreign Legion figures - March or Die. March or Die From their announcement:
New from Artizan Design, a range of armies and enemies of the French Foreign Legion in North Africa 1890-1914, popularised by the novel Beau Geste and its film adaptations. As well as accurate representations of the Legion, we will include figures that do homage to the aforementioned book.  There will be a range of Tuaregs coming soon, but right now our World War One range of Arab figures will do very nicely, particularly in Hollywood inspired games. Artizan Design are 28mm metal figures. The new March or Die packs are 4 figures for £5.40. Artizan Design are stocked in the USA by Brigade Games, and at UK shows by Dave Thomas.