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Artemisa about to take to the field

RN Estudio is taking down names of those of you out there that would like their new Artemisa mini as soon as it's made available.


From the announcement:

Star player ideal for strengthening your Fantasy Football team, High Elves, Amazones, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans or Nordic.

In this pre-order will get for free the shield, a closed right hand and left hand sword, plus 2 hands with stakes that brings miniature series.

This will allow you to use if you want to fantastic games battles or as a centerpiece for exhibition or painting competition, given the extreme detail for copies.

Offer limited to 50 units, which will be hand numbered.

Delivered luxuriously presented, like all exclusive miniatures RN study

Estimated start date shipments March.

Miniatura will made in HD resin, maximum detail level.

32mm scale.

Base includes.