Artemis Black’s less than Grand Re-Opening

Salute 2010 will be the scene for Artemis Black’s less than Grand Re-Opening.

From their announcement:?

It might have been a proper Grand Re-Opening but our friendly volcano has left all new international stock stranded so our attendance at Salute will have to count as a Pre-Grand-Re-Opening.

We will be in attendance at the show, despite our website not being open for a couple of weeks yet. We will have all our usual stuff and we’ll be offering free postage on anything stuck in an airport covered in volcanic ash. No discounts for the free ash though.

We will, as per usual be bringing oodles of cake, mostly of the welsh variety as last year’s offerings went better than previous years’ mini roll varieties.

We’ll have a ‘lot’ of sale product with us as sadly some companies have gone under while we were shut or sold off, changed packaging and so on. Listing individual sales would take up a lot of space so come see us on the day and gander at the gaudily coloured sale stickers 🙂

We shall be bringing with us *Deep breath* Gamezone, Warmachine, Hordes, Iron Kingdoms, Dark Age, Hasslefree, Heresy, Black Scorpion, Eolith, Red Box Games, Mercs, Degra, Avatars of War, Masquerade, Shadowforge, Maidenhead, Wyrd, Dragonblood, Resina Planet, Pulp City, Dragonrune, Thunderbolt Mountain, Cold War, Studio Miniatures, Guild of Harmony, Ebob, Warcrow, Magnificent Egos, Game Forces Magazine, Coat D’Arms Paints and a bunch of other stuff I’m sure I’ve forgotten *whew*

p.s. If you’re trying to e-mail us, use for now – our domain e-mail overloaded while we were closed.