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ArtCrime release schedule and pre-orders

ArtCrime Productions has posted a list of initial releases in their 15mm sci-fi range and is also taking pre-orders for the figures. From their website:
As I sit writing this, masters are winging there way to the hide-out. We are all so excited that soon you will be able to order your own figs. So to give you a rundown of whats coming April 15th, in no certain order: Our Website goes live April 15th (maybe sooner) And we will have 8 blisters available to order at that time:
  • Nat001= nationalist infantry(18 figs)
  • Nat002=nationalist antitank infantry(15 figs)
  • Fed001=Federal infantry(18figs)
  • Fed002=Federalist antitank infantry(15 figs)
  • TC001=Valkyrie (squad of 3)
  • TC002=Antitank Valkyrie (squad of 3)
  • TC003=Support Valkyrie (squad of 3)
  • TC006=bulldog jetbikes (squad of 3) this may change to two squads