Arsenal Games Gaming Lore Challenge week one answer

Arsenal Games & Hobbies have posted the answer for the week one question in their Gaming Lore Challenge.

From their announcement:

In honor of our grand opening, this challenge will test your knowledge of the most trivial facts about games, family, fantasy & war alike. Just use the button below to e-mail us your challenge answer. From the correct entries we’ll randomly draw a winner for a $20 store gift certificate.

Week One Results
Thanks for the great response to week one! Out of 26 correct entries, our winner of “in what game will you find the character ‘Jake the Jailbird’? was Paul Redman.

Come by the store soon, or visit our website, to spend your gift certificate.

FYI: Jake the Jailbird is the fellow keeping you company when you’re sent to jail in Monopoly. (To quote one of our staff members: “That guy has a name?”) In case you ever need to know, the little round-faced, top hatted man in Monopoly is Mr. Monopoly, of course, formerly named Rich Uncle (Milburn) Pennybags, and the police office in the “Go to Jail” square is Officer Malloy.