Arsenal Games Gaming Challenge results and new question

Arsenal Games and Hobbies have posted the result of their last Gaming Lore Challenge and also sent the question for this week.

From their announcement:

Week Two Results
This question was a little more obscure than the first. The “Floating Nose” is a monster in the Munchkin card game, and the weapon that will immediately kill it is the “Potion of Halitosis.” (Please use it sparingly) We had nine correct entries, and the winner of the random drawing was… Christopher “Bossman” B.!

Challenge question for the week of August 1-7
This one is for all of our Flames of War players out there. The picture is a clue to a World War II personality. Who is it? In your answer be sure to include the person’s nation, rank, & full name.

(please see Arsenal Games website for details)