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Arsenal: Arena Combat Centauri Belle Expansion Up On Kickstarter

I dig giant robots.
This is a well-documented aspect of my personality. So I'm always excited to see new giant robot stuff for games out there. Such is the case with Arsenal: Arena Combat, a card game all about giant robots beating the tar and oil out of one-another. Well, the game's looking to expand with a new robot fighter entering the arena. She's a tough one and her set is up on Kickstarter now, looking for funding love. I'm talking about Centauri Belle.

While the other robot fighters in Arsenal rely on speed and agility, Centauri Belle takes a little different approach. She's got armor, shielding, and more to keep her safe. And as much as she can take it, she can dish it out as well. Centauri's in for the long-haul and plays the attrition game in order to win the match. Her deck contains 2 copies each of 10 new cards. The cards are, of course, compatible with the other cards from the game, so if you want to mix-and-match with other sets, that's ok, too.

The campaign is up and running now and is extremely close to funding with still 13 days to make it across that goal line and then some.