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Ars Victor reaches funding goal, ends tomorrow

Trip West Games has made it to their funding goal for Ars Victor. Their campaign ends tomorrow, so how many stretch goals can they get through?

From the update:

LESS THAN TWO DAYS to get your very own Ars Victor! We are FUNDED, we've hit our first STRETCH GOAL, and we've unlocked THREE new units. A $50 pledge gets you the base game, all the stretch rewards, and includes shipping!

Ars Victor is a two-player game of sci-fi tcombat. Scout the battlefield and deploy your Vanguard. Play your Command Cards to move your units and crush your enemy. A tense, fast-paced wargame that can be completed in an hour!

You have until Saturday, 10 PM Pacific, to get in on this fully-funded Kickstarter campaign. The game will be available for retail sale at the beginning of next year.