Armymals Print-and-Play version available

Armymals, from Titan-Forge, has added a print-and-play version of their game to their Kickstarter campaign.



From the campaign:

We are still looking for backers for our Armymals boardgame campaign on Kickstarter!
To be fair we want to provide you with all the information we can before you decide to support us. This is why we are realeasing a print and play version (link to PnP). All you need is a printer, scissors and a Rulebook to set up your first competition. All required elements can be found in the Armymals Kickstarter campaign.

Remember to provide us with your feedback, there are still things that we can change if you spot a room for improvement. Check out our campaign, suggest your own Armymals, share the interesting content and join our ranks.
Best regards, Armymals crew.