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Armymals Kickstarting on July 18th

Titan-forge announced that they'll be launching their Armymals Kickstarter campaign on July 18th.



From the announcement:

We would like to invite all boardgame enthusiast to join our Kickstarter campaign. We are looking for backers and supporters that will help us polish the game. We have a solid base and with your help we can add more characters, game modes, models, graphics and more. Check out our stretch goals, suggest your ideas and become a part of the Armymals community. Pre-order your copy and be the first one to participate in the steel and fur tournament.

Armymals are all new boardgame featuring historical figures from animal history, many paintable models of tanks and terrain and a quick, action packed strategic gameplay with uniqe dices action cards and moving around the 3d board. Designed for younger players but with layers of modes and mechanics that will satisfy even the hardcore gamers.

Remember that hastiest supporters get Early Bids! Join us on Kickstarter on July 18th.