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Army Painter Tomb Kings Army painting gallery

The Army Painter have posted a first gallery in a series showing the end result of painting a Tomb Kings model with different Army Painter washes and paints. From their announcement:
our most frequently asked question is no doubt:   What colours should I use for my XXXX Army? What Colour Primer and what Quickshade would you recommend?   Since each army is different and almost all armies have an individual colour scheme, the simple answer would be; It's your army, you decide... but that's a little too easy, we know.   With Games Workshops new Tomb Kings models out in the shops we have made a little Gallery Series showing an almost identical Tomb King Skeleton Cavalry model painted using 3 different combinations of Colour Primers and Quickshades.  
  • part 1: CP Skeleton Bone and CP Dragon Red  + Quickshade Soft Tone
  • part 2: CP Skeleton Bone and CP Greenskin + Quickshade Strong Tone
  • part 3: CP Skeleton Bone and CP Navy Blue + Quickshade Dark Tone
  First gallery is uploaded this week (view Soft Tone gallery here) and the next 2 galleries in the weeks to come.