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Army Painter talks about Warpaints

Army Painter brings on Mike McVey to talk about their new Warpaints, and previews them in their online store.

From their newsletter:

Mike McVey of Studio McVey has tested samples of the forthcoming Warpaints range from The Army Painter and has this comment:

"After a life-times painting, I tend to mix and match the paints I use to get the best from different ranges - basic colours from one range, washes from another and metallics from a third.

The great thing about The Army Painter Warpaints range is they have done that work for you. The basic colours are great - super-smooth application, wonderful opacity and fantastic blending properties, and the inks are quick and effective.

The Metallics are the best out there - very fine metallic flake so you won't get that sparkle effect that ruins so many range's metallic colours.
Thoroughly recommended.”

For more information Click here!

Even though we are months away from the actual world wide release of the new Warpaints range, you can go to our webstore and have a look at all of the 36 different colours.

The official release date is March 26th 2012 - but the Europeans get a chance to buy the new Mega Paint Set early from January 23rd.

Hundred of thousands of pots are being filled, labelled and packed as we speak - with our trusty paint-team working every waking hour during Christmas to get it ready for the approaching deadline. Thanks guys!