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Army Painter release new basing kit

The Army Painter have added a new basing kit to range of basing accessories. Body parts basing kit From their announcement:
Following our success of the Battlefields XP: Hero Basing resin bits, Polish MaxMini has made a new set for The Army Painter. This time it is a little more bloody and gory. Released in March 2011 we have the 7 resin bits Battlefields XP: Body Parts. The 7 bits consists of chopped off limbs, mutilated bodies and lots of blood and gore. The resin pieces can also be made into excellent Wound Markers for monsters or as essential games pieces in Mantics Kings of War or Warlords Black Powder. On the hobby side of things we continue our WH40.000 theme with a new Imperial Fist Space Marine Gallery using Colour Primer Daemonic Yellow and Quickshade Soft Tone. For more information go to