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Army Painter preview new Colour Primer: Alien Purple

Colour Primer: Alien PurpleThe Army Painter will soon be releasing an Alien Purple Colour Primer. From their announcement:
Colour Primer: Alien Purple A rich purple suited for a multitude of purposes. Perfect for Tyranids, Dark Elves, Dark Eldar, any Chaos and also to spice up ordinary races - like humans - Imperial Guard or Empire. Purple is not a standard colour and therefore it will make your army highly unique and striking to behold. Recommended for use with Dark Tone Quickshade. To show the diversity of Alien Purple we will be running a series of Hobby Galleries on our website; the first 2 is online now featuring a Warlord Games Pike’n’Shotte Officer and a Chaos Warrior from Games Workshop. More galleries will be added during the flowing weeks. Colour Primer: Alien Purple is available October 17th.