Army Painter Island of Blood High Elf tutorial

German online retailer Fantasyladen have posted a tutorial showing how they painted the High Elf figures from the Island of Blood boxed set using paints and shades from The Army Painter.

From their announcement:

From one of The Army Painter’s German Retailers we have gotten a full picture tutorial on How to Paint High Elves from the new Games Workshop Island of Blood boxed game. in Germany has painted the Swordmasters using the new Warpaints Starter Paint Set and a can of Quickshade.
Store manager Alex writes: The funny thing is we all painted just a tiny part of the regiment. Even my hobby hating wife coloured and elf, the rest was the magic of the Quickshade dip – totally easy.
Take a look at all the pictures on here and check out the YouTube film here.
Well done to Alex and his team. Just shows what anybody can do!