Army Generator released for iPhone

Army GeneratorTeam Broken Ninja have released an iPhone based army building tool called Army Generator.

From their announcement:
On behalf of TeamBrokenNinja, I am pleased to announce our latest Iphone App called Army Generator.

Army Generator is an army list creation tool designed for the tabletop war-gaming community. It allows the user to quickly input and manipulate data from any game system, to speedily create, modify and brainstorm army lists. Army lists are automatically saved, and there’s no softcap limit to the quantity the application can store, thus allowing and inviting the user to create hundreds of lists, and test each configuration on the gaming table.

For a demo video of Army Generator in action, please visit our YouTube video.

The application comes inbuilt with an automated calculator, pre-formatted tables, headings, copy and edit features, as well as print and email functions. Say good bye to carrying a scrap piece of paper with your army lists forever.

Although originally designed for the war-gaming community, Army Generator’s open ended nature makes it useful for a wide variety of users. For example, users can create shopping lists, track their monthly expenses based on their budget et al.

For more information about us please visit our blog.