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Armorcast Releases More Dungeon Decor

Armorcast has some new Dungeon Decor pieces available to spruce up your dungeons a bit.


From the update:

Armorcast has secured a majority of Mega Miniatures Dungeon Décor product line. Over the next few months the remaining line will be added to the web store. The current line up is:

ACID001 Fireplace Set $17.50
ACID002 Trophy Heads $12.00
ACID007 Treasure Horde (7pcs) $12.50
ACID013 2 Round Table w/ Food $5.00
ACID014 Wooden Chair (5 pcs) $5.00
ACID015 (2) Round Wooden Table & Chair Sets $15.00
ACID016 (2) Long Wooden Table & Chair Sets w/ Food $15.00
ACID050 Bushel Baskets of Food (8pcs) $12.50
ACID051 Pottery & Vases (19pcs) $10.00
ACID100 Torture Rack set $15.00
ACID101 Guilotine Active $15.00
ACID102 Hangman's Gibbet and Victim $15.00
ACID103 Stocks with Woman Peasant $7.00
ACID104 Boy in Leg Stocks $5.00
ACMB1300 Blacksmith Accessory Pack $15.00

These items are great to dress up any dungeon or fantasy village scene for your wargame or RPG.