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Armorcast Reissues Ruined Building Corners for Modern & Sci-fi Gaming

Armorcast has reissued their Ruined Building Corners terrain pieces in their webshop after a long hiatus.


From the release:

Armorcast has reissued the modern to Sci-Fi era ruined building corners. These brick structures are cast in resin and supplied unpainted and unassembled.

ACRB003 Small Brick Ruins (4) $12.00
ACRB006 T Section, 3 1/2" Tall $10.00
ACRB007 Long Two Story Corner with Floor: 3.5" Tall $20.00
ACRB008 Corner, 3 1/2" tall, $17.00
ACRB009 Corner, 3 1/2" tall, long $17.00
ACRB010 Corner, 2 1/2" tall, $12.00
ACRB011 Corner, 2 1/2" tall, long $12.00
ACRB012 2 Corners, low ruins $12.00
ACRB013 2 Corners, low ruins with shell holes $12.00