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Armorcast new Armored Shark and Pimp Orcs

Yes, you read that headline right.
Armorcast has some new minis up on their website that are an armored shark and 2 types of Pimp Orc. Don't believe me? Check 'em out.

From them to you:

New at Armorcast is the DragonRune 28mm scale Prehistoric Armored Shark model. The model is cast in resin with pewter accessories with a scenic underwater base and body cast in resin and eight pewter parts. Sculpted by Clint Staples.
From Lance and Laser Shawn "Puffy" Lux sculpted up some really "Pimp" Orcs. There are two Pimp Orcs with a lot of bling, big and bad. The Pimp Orc with a cane stands about 45mm tall and the running orc would be as tall if it waould not be for his running pose and slightly hunched over form. There is a Steam punk Dr. Orcson well dressed in Victorian garb and a Rocker Orc Bard jammin' out the tunes.

DragonRune Miniatures

DRK530 Dunkleoteus Armored Shark $25.00

Lance & Laser Miniatures

LLSF004 Punk Rock Orc Bard $9.99
LLSP101 Dr. Orcson SteamPunk Orc Investigator $9.99
LLSC102 Pimp Orc w/ Two Pistols Running $9.99
LLSC101 Pimp Orc w/ Cane & Pistol $9.99