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Armorcast has new models for late March

Armorcast gives us a look at some of their Late March releases.

From the release:

Now available from Lance and Laser:

LL21604 Undead Skeletal Warrior w/ Axe 28mm $4.00
LL21607 Undead Skeletal Warrior 28mm $4.00
Dark Elf
LL21803 Dark Elf Enchantress w/ Wand 28mm $4.00
LL21802 Dark Elf Fighter w/ Sword and Shield 28mm $3.50
LL21801 Dark Elf Standard Bearer 28mm $5.00
LLSF003 Anime Punk Martial Arts Girl $5.00

The Dark Elf and Anime minis are sculpted by Sandra Garrity and the skeletons are sculpted by Kevin Contos