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Armorcast effected by torrential Northeast Ohio rains

Armorcast's facilities have undergone two recent floods. From their announcement:
Due to the recent heatwave, high humidity in the Midwest, we at Armorcast have experienced two major floods in our workshop in the past week. The first flood hit Tuesday morning on 7-19-2011 and then again on 7-23-2011 in the early evening. The floods hit the workshop really bad filling the entire space between 6 to 8 inches on Tuesday and then 8 to 10 inches on Saturday. I would like our customers to know that we are working as hard as we can to clean up and dry out the workshop to get production underway ASAP. Also we would like to ask our customers to have patience if we are unable to answer calls or emails as quickly as we all would like. Our number one goal is to get the shop back up and running to process your orders. I would like to also thank our customers for all of their orders and patience when we were backlogged. We have trained and added new help to get order turn around time up to speed again. Unfortunately even with this additional help the events of this past week have and will slow down our turnaround time again. Thank you for your support, Steve aka Ginfritter Armorcast LLC