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Armorcast back up and running

Bob Olley DwarfArmorcast are back in operation after recent flooding. From their announcement:
I would like to thank all of our customers for their well wishes and patience during the flood clean up. We have made several upgrades to the plumbing to fight off any future flooding issues. Also we are back in full swing and shipping orders out to our customers. I was going to post earlier that Armorcast / Lance & Laser has acquired several miniatures from Mega Miniatures. Some designs hail back to Metal Magic from Germany. Since we have purchased several lines of dwarfs that Bob Olley sculpted, I have moved these lines under Lance & Laser Fantasy miniatures under the Dwarf World heading. There are two new ranges started in the Armorcast store, Western Desert and Elven Terrain.
The models below are back into production: Western Terrain
  • ACWD001 Western Cacti Set (9pcs) $12.50
  • ACWD002 Western Cacti Set (3pcs) $4.99
Elven Terrain
  • ACET001 "High" Elven Throne (3pcs) $11.99
Lance & Laser Dwarf World Minis
  • OADW101 Nordic Dwarf Hand Gunner 28mm $3.95
  • OADW102 Nordic Dwarf Champion w/ 2 hand Weapons 28mm $3.95
  • OADW103 Jodex The Dwarf Berserker 28mm $3.95
  • OADW104 Nordic Dwarf w/ Two Handed Sword 28mm $3.95
  • OADW105 Nordic Dwarf w/ Two Handed Scimitar 28mm $3.95
  • OADW106 Nordic Dwarf w/ Two Handed Sword 28mm $3.95
  • OADW201 Chaos Dwarf w/ Sword & Shield 28mm $3.95
  • OADW202 Chaos Dwarf w/ Axe & Skull Shield 28mm $3.95
  • OADW203 Chaos Dwarf w/ Axe, Punching Dagger & Skull Helm 28mm $3.95
  • OADW204 Chaos Dwarf w/ Axe & Mace 28mm $3.95
  • OADW205 Chaos Dwarf Standard Bearer 28mm $5.50